Our online coaching relationship will be just as close as if we were working together in person. Here's how we do it:

Initial Assessment

In the initial assessment, I get my information about you. Everything. Lifestyle, health history, diet, exercise preferences, everything. This allows me to see the factors that make you an individual, so that the service you receive is exactly what you need. Once I have the variables that make you, you, we as a team are able to craft a plan that is tailored for your success. We meet via video chat, so make sure you have a webcam.

Training Program

Every week you get a custom training program that evolves as you do. Different phases and different workouts that scale to your progress and orient to your specific goals for how you want to look and feel. These are all handcrafted by me and carried out by you.

Nutrition and Supplement Support

Nutrition is a major part of reaching your fitness goals. I've always told my clients that you cannot out-train a poor diet. You will be set up on a macro based diet geared towards the results you want to see that will  be adjusted as needed for continued progress and tweaked towards the eating habits that you enjoy.

Weekly Check-ins

Once a week, you and I will speak via video chat for a check-in meeting. This allows me to constantly evaluate your progress and allows you to have access to me for any questions you may have. Not only will these weekly check-ins be for the sake of precision and adjustment in your fitness program, but they will maintain accountability and motivation as well.

Constant Access

If you have any concerns or questions that pop up between our weekly meetings, you will have my personal email address in your possession so that you can contact me at any time. If you email me, you will get a response that day. My goal is to get you to where you want to be, and communication is vital. You will not feel isolated during your journey.